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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Griff were joined by a temporary packmate today - Kona! Kona met Griff yesterday and the two of them have gotten along great. She was a little more guarded with Sputnik, though Sputnik was very polite with her and gave her some space. We stopped at Boulder Creek a couple times along the walk. Sputnik and Griff were both happy to hop in. Kona stood at the bank and whined. I splashed her chest with some water to help cool her down, and tried to coax her into the creek, but she was too timid to go for it.

Variety Pack

Riley, Mamacita, and Avo all sniffed around the trunks of the first few trees we passed on the Bear Creek Path, this afternoon. After that, Mamacita and Avo wiggled around in the grass together for a few minutes while Riley sat at my side. When we were crossing through the park a short while later, Avo caught sight of a dog across the park who was staring intently at us. She barked an alarm at first, but settled down pretty quickly once I addressed her. Then she and Riley both watched the dog quietly while sitting. Mamacita didn't have a care for the source of her packmates' distraction.

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