Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack was heading up the Saddle Rock Trail when Dylan suddenly stopped in place, perked up his ears, and started growling. Sputnik, Roger Roger, and Curie were all pretty quick to join in. They were staring off the trail, into the brush. I couldn't figure out what they were looking at, but Dylan was fully focused, and the others were all uneasy. Concerned that Dylan might have detected a bear or mountain lion hiding in the brush, we headed back and went up the Bluebell-Baird Trail instead. We had no strange encounters there, and Roger Roger and Dylan were able to enjoy some time roaming off leash together. Curie and Sputnik were happy to see each other again and were immediately comfortable together, as Curie rejoined the pack for the day.

Variety Pack

Lou and Curie were a little stiff when first meeting each other today, but soon relaxed and trotted happily side-by side on our walk around Wonderland Lake. There was one point on our way toward the pond when Curie reared back and seemed very averse to continuing forward. In fact, she tried to turn and head the other way. Lou and Zoey both seemed to be acting a little off, as well, but I couldn't see any reason for the holdup. I eventually convinced Curie to move forward, and got Lou and Zoey heading in the same direction as well. Ruffers was along for the ride the whole time. I have no clue what that was about, but the rest of the walk went very smoothly afterwards.