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Friday Pack Activities (4/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

The warm weather brought all the people out to the Chautauqua. The side street we often park at was full, but we luckily scored a spot closer to the trail head. Dylan grumbled as he hopped into the packmobile with Yoshi, but he settled quickly after that. The brook at the switchback to the Mesa Trail has some water flowing through it. Dylan made the most of it by lying down and getting his belly wet while Yoshi took a drink. There were grasshoppers along the stretch of trail leading up to the brook, and Yoshi was very intrigued by their activity as they hopped across the trail in front of him. Yoshi walked pretty well on leash after a rough beginning. On the way back, Dylan was leading the way off leash and Yoshi kept pulling ahead to try to join him. I called Dylan back to us and he provided a good example for Yoshi by walking at my side for a bit; Yoshi then followed suit.

Variety Pack

Yoshi and Lou had a blast playing at the house together before our afternoon walk. Rey also joined in for some of the wrestling and dodging. We headed to the Goose Creek Greenway, where I was surprised to find that there was very little prairie dog activity. There were a few chirps in the distance, but no prairie dogs patrolling near the path. We kept a pretty steady pace through the walk, and Yoshi did a great job staying in position next to Rey without pulling ahead. While the prairie dogs weren't doing much today, we did see a rabbit. All of the dogs perked up at the sight of it as it sat right at the edge of the path about 20 yards ahead of us. I had the pack wait in place for a minute until the rabbit moved on through the field. The dogs were still pretty keyed in on its location, but they all kept their cools and nobody tried to bolt for it.

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