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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik hit the trails together after commuting via the new packmobile! Our former ride, an '06 Subaru Outback, had a broken catalytic converter and dying engine at 235,000 miles, and has now been replaced by a '22 Honda CR-V Hybrid. The boys were the first to break in the new wheels, outfitted with a full CargoLiner to help keep the interior in decent shape as the pack takes its inevitable wear. I didn't think to take photos today, but I will post some of the pack in the new packmobile next week. The trails were pretty busy today, as they tend to be on Fridays, and we passed by a number of other dogs. There was some rustling in a wooded patch off the Chautauqua Trail, as we made our way up the mountain, and Dylan and Sputnik stopped to observe. I thought it might be a bear, but then I saw that it was just a person picking their way through, off the beaten path. When the hike was done, the boys both hopped into the back of the CR-V unassisted, with rear loading height the same as in the old Outback.

Variety Pack

Lou was clinging to me especially closely when we stopped at the house before our walk today. Meanwhile, Ruffers, Zoey, and Carl got lots of love from Jen, who is always happy to see the dogs when we stop in for a quick lunch break. We headed to the Bear Creek Greenway, and made the usual stops along the way. None of them took advantage of the fields full of leaves to roll in, but Carl did get worked up chasing some down the sidewalk when a breeze kicked up.

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