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Friday Pack Activities (6/23/2023)

Adventure Pack

It was a beautiful day for pack activities! I was surprised when Nelly started pulling to hurry toward the stream we've been stopping at after the first stretch of our hike. I was less surprised when, upon reaching it, she delicately tip-toed along the edge of the water and carefully took a few laps of water, making sure not to get too wet. Yoshi, Lou and Dylan weren't shy about getting in the water. Dylan lay down to get a good soak. Yoshi was a little more tame than he has been at other times, and didn't splash around much. He did a bit better about passing by other dogs without quite as much of a fuss. Lou, Nelly and Dylan were all pleasant with the dogs we passed.

Variety Pack

Yoshi and Lumi really hit it off when they met this afternoon and wrestled around together at the house before we set out for our pack walk. Buddy and Griff both hovered around them and offered a bark every now and then. Judging from past experience, I think Griff's barks were an attempt to establish order, while Buddy's were an attempt to draw the playful attention to himself. Milo also had his eye on the action, but kept a bit farther back and didn't try to insert himself. As much fun as Yoshi and Lumi had playing before the walk, they settled into good walking etiquette once we were out and about. Buddy was still jealous, and started hopping toward Yoshi during the latter part of our walk. Yoshi took the bait and it took some effort to regain their attentions and have them return to walking. Lumi was quicker to take to drinking from the Camelbak spout today. He still shied away the first time I offered it to him; however, after seeing Yoshi, Milo, Buddy and Griff all take a drink, he sniffed at the spout and started drinking some himself.

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