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Friday Pack Activities (6/9/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan was enjoying the grassy, clover-filled field of the Chautauqua Park on our way from our parking spot to the trail head. He, Yoshi and Lou all enjoyed wading in the stream when we reached Gregory Canyon. Nelly stuck to dry land on the bank of the stream, tentatively poking her nose down to the water a few times. On our way up Gregory Canyon Trail, there was a particular spot in the middle of the path that immediately drew everyone's noses. All I saw was a mostly-buried rock jutting up from the dirt, but the dogs were definitely having a very different experience. Dylan was the first to move on from the spot, and I eventually tugged the rest along to continue our hike. Lots of flowers were in bloom at the Chautauqua, and it was a beautiful day for hiking.

Variety Pack

A mantis hitched a ride with Ruffers during our pack walk at Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. None of the dogs took notice of our little, green passenger. They were more interested in sniffing around in the grass at Martin Park. Yoshi and Rey were also distracted by dogs who passed by, but they did a good job of staying in place and not making a scene. Griff and Ruffers stood by without any tension over the other dogs. I was hoping the storm had moved on enough to allow for a nice walk, but thunderclaps in the distance proved too scary for Ruffers, who eventually decided it was time to head back to the car and there were no two ways about it. Back at the packmobile, Yoshi got some practice climbing in repeatedly, which is a skill he is still struggling with. He made some big steps today that we will continue to build on.

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