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Friday Pack Activities (9/22/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly was not keen on moving along Baseline Trail again this morning. Dylan, Yoshi and Lou were all stopping to sniff around here and there, but Nelly just didn't want to budge. I let Nelly lead the way for a bit to try to get a better understanding of where her head was at. We made our way back along the trail, past the turn-off where the car was parked, over to the main trail head. We poked along this route as everybody stopped and sniffed various points along the way. Nelly then had us start up Chautauqua Trail. A short way up, after trotting along happily without a care, she suddenly decided she didn't want to go any further again. I got her moving by drawing her forward until she took a step or two. We repeated this pattern a few more times in short succession, then she continued and finished the rest of the hike without any more stubborn stops. However, Dylan had us stop a couple other times on our way up Chautauqua Trail so he could lie in the shade and take a breather along with a bit of water. I sprayed his belly with the CamelBak to help him cool off. Nelly, Yoshi and Lou were all panting and took a little water but stayed standing while we waited for Dylan to get another wind. Once we reached the crest of the trail, we kept up a steady, moderate pace for the way back down.

Bonus Pack

Taco and Monkey enjoyed a midday walk to Wonderland Lake. Taco munched on some grass and Monkey followed suit. Monkey also tried to covertly snatch up various bits of debris as she walked. They were both in rambunctious moods and started goofing around when Jen stopped to get a photo.

Variety Pack

Taco, Lumi, Zoey, Carl, Ruffers and Yoshi headed to Boulder Creek Path for their afternoon walk. Everyone but Ruffers hopped into the creek water at Eben G. Fine Park, and Lumi was the last to come out. A couple friendly dogs came over to say hello to the pack while we hung out at the water's edge. We continued down the path with everyone walking quite nicely together.


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