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Monday Pack Activities (11/14/2022)

Adventure Pack

Avo got into trouble on the trails today. She took off after a deer that was grazing in the field by the Mesa Trail. Ruffers was off leash with her, but stayed with me. After disappearing for several minutes, I heard a bark that sounded like hers coming from a different stretch of trail. I jogged over there with Ruffers and Dylan to find Avo barking at a pair of hikers who were offering her a bit of trail mix to try to coax her over so they could check her tags. I apologized, thanked them for keeping her attention, and put Avo back on leash where she will be staying for at least the next few hikes. After that, Dylan and Ruffers led the way back.

Variety Pack

Rey, Carl, Zoey and Lou headed to the Bear Creek Greenway for their walk this afternoon. It was pretty quiet as the pack poked along through Martin Park, sniffing around. Lou and Zoey were both extremely adamant about stopping to check the news at the mile marker by the basketball courts. The dogs all sniffed around for a bit and then I got them all together for the pack photo. Rey got very playful after I took the photo and she started jumping around Zoey while tossing twigs into the air. Later on we encountered a couple different dogs who were pretty worked up and barked at us as we walked by.


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