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Monday Pack Activities (2/27/2023)

Adventure Pack

Rey and Lou joined Avo and Ruffers for the hike at Shanahan Ridge. Rey and Avo had a lot of fun racing each other up and down the trails. Lou perked up watching her packmates and pounced when they passed close by the rest of us. Ruffers was just hiking along beside me and not that interested in the antics of the others. At one point, Avo roamed off the trail and didn't listen when I called her back. When we caught up to her, we saw that she had found a deer carcass and took a leg. It took a long while to eventually get Avo to drop the deer leg and get back on leash. Rey and Ruffers both spent some of that time off leash and neither made any attempts to snatch the leg for themselves, although everyone intently sniffed around at spots where Avo had lay down to chew on the leg.


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