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Monday Pack Activities (4/10/2023)

Adventure Pack

It was a warm day on the trails, with the Chautauqua bustling today. Bear and Avo had fun running up and down the trail side-by-side as we made our way along the relatively-newly-re-routed, now well-shaded Bluebell-Mesa Trail. Avo found a good stick to chew on and flaunted it, then dropped it in front of Bear as she ran past him. He gave it a quick sniff but didn't snatch it up, and it was left behind. Dylan and Ruffers enjoyed taking their time and stopping to say hello to hikers when they had their turn off leash together. Bear spent the latter half of the hike without his gentle leader on, and he did a great job of walking nicely.

Variety Pack

Lou enjoyed a solo walk to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. She was a model walker as always. She slowed a little when other dogs passed by, but none stopped to sniff hello. Still, she had a great time.


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