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Monday Pack Activities (5/8/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan was a bit more amenable to drinking water from the Camelbak than he had been last week, while Lou, Avo and Bear were all eager drinkers. I had second thoughts about letting Bear off leash today after he lunged toward a passing dog as I was picking up after one of his packmates. He didn't do it in a growly manner, just an over-excited, unruly way. The Bluebell-Mesa Trail was almost totally empty, so I decided to let him roam with Avo. It turns out he was in a pretty stubborn mood and didn't want to come back to the trail with the rest of the pack. Avo wasn't quick to come back, but she did eventually. Meanwhile, Bear stood atop a huge boulder and simply refused to come down, so I had to go up and leash him in order to gather him. After that, he kept stopping in place periodically and refusing to go any further until I pushed him along.

Variety Pack

Taco enjoyed a solo walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. He was happy to take his own pace and ramble through the grass to check out every spot that interested him, and then get going at a good clip once he was ready to move on. I gave him a fair bit of leeway without other pack members to keep together.

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