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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik mostly stuck by my side while Dylan led the way up the mountain at the Chautauqua. Once we were on level ground, Sputnik caught up to Dylan. Dylan found a snowy patch on the trail and wiggled around on his back in it. After he was done, Avo sniffed around the area for a minute and decided not to partake like Dylan had done. On our way back along the Meadow Trail, Avo snatch up a dead rat that was lying in the middle of the path. I hooked her rear legs with my hands right as I saw her going for the rat, and she promptly spat it out. Ruffers was lagging behind the rest of the pack. When she caught up, she stared at the rat with keen interest so I put her back on the leash along with Avo. Dylan and Sputnik weren't as interested as their scavenger packmates.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Lou, Rey, and Griff enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Carl barked when a squealing little girl started to run toward the pack to say hello, until the girl's mother called her back and told her not to charge up to a barking dog. The girl responded, 'But the big ones are nice!' I think it may have been one of the same little girls who has pet the dogs in the past, but they kept moving along today.

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