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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack encountered another pack on the trail today. The other dogs were all Bernese Mountain Dogs. Avo ran ahead to greet the youngest of them, who was trailing behind because he wanted to say hello. Racer and I caught up to them, followed by Ruffers. Ruffers had been lingering behind to thoroughly check out smells along the edge of the trail, as she usually does. She then lingered behind to thoroughly greet all the Bernese Mountain Dogs as the rest of us continued on. Just up the trail, we encountered another dog whom the pack happily greeted.

Variety Pack

Carl, Racer, Zoey, Lou and Rey headed to the Boulder Creek Path for their afternoon walk. We stopped at the trees on the west end of Eben G. Fine Park, where the dogs always like to sniff around. Later on, Zoey made sure we stopped at the big tree on the south side of the creek, in the field that lies before the library. There were a few skateboarders out this afternoon and Rey kept her cool along with the rest of the pack as each of them went by. We saw a couple small flocks of geese waddling around on dry land. The dogs were a bit curious, but nobody made any attempts to go after them. Carl pounced on a leaf that blew by him. Racer pulled a lot at first and it took a while for her to settle down into pace with the pack. Lou was a model walker throughout.


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