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Wednesday Pack Activities (2/1/2023)

Adventure Pack

Avo, Racer and Ruffers all scraped snow up from the trail using their teeth, on and off throughout our hike at Shanahan Ridge. Dylan was more interested in rolling in the snow than eating it. We came across a few other dogs, including one small Australian Shepherd who came right up into the middle of the pack to say hello. The dog didn't mind the pack swarming to sniff, and then carried on his way. His sibling on leash was a little more wary, and woofed at us from the other side of the trail.

Variety Pack

Archie and Lou were very playful with each other this afternoon. After Lou had her fill of wrestling, Rey took up her place and kept Archie busy until we headed out for the walk. The prairie dogs were out chirping at us as we walked the Goose Creek Greenway. Early in the walk, Imogene made one attempt to bolt for them but I kept her on a short leash. Rey and Archie were also pretty tuned into the prairie dogs, but didn't try to make a break for it. Even though Archie didn't try to chase the prairie dogs, he was still all over the place today and it was a bit of a struggle to keep him walking in formation with the pack. Imogene didn't help the cause when she started jumping around and trying to play with him, but we managed to get back on track.


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