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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl and Griff perused the grass and brush to the left of the trail while Racer and Avo studied the right. The dogs were pretty content keeping to their respective sides of the Baseline Trail, as there was apparently plenty to keep them interested without the need to cross over. Avo was in an unwelcoming mood this morning and barked at the first two dogs we saw, so she stayed on leash alongside Racer for the entire hike. Carl was also feeling a bit grumpy, and grumbled suspiciously at a man who was sitting on the steps where we approached the trail.

Variety Pack

Yoda, Dylan, Racer and Avo walked to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The leaf-littered path was a testament to the fact that Fall in Boulder is now in full swing. At fourteen years old, Yoda kept up quite well with his packmates. He initiated most of our stops along the way, and everyone was happy to join him in sniffing through the grass; however, Dylan's interest was usually short-lived and then he would start to get impatient with all the dilly-dallying, at which point he would take a few steps and look back at me with a soft whimper.


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