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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Button waded into Boulder Creek at Eben G. Fine Park and hung out in the water as long as I let her before we headed to the trail at The Peoples' Connection. Racer went in with her but then climbed out after a minute or two. Griff and Tucker stayed on the rocks at the water's edge, but Tucker did splash his front paws down into the shallow water that just covered one of the stone steps leading into the creek. We had pretty good cloud cover for most of the time we spent on the Anemone Trail. At one point, Griff reared back suddenly just as I heard a faint slithering sound. I looked down to see a medium-sized garter snake escaping into the brush from the trail right at my feet. None of the other dogs noticed a thing, but Griff was very taken aback and he just sat with a stunned look on his face for a good long moment before he was ready to move on again. When Button's soaked coat started to dry, she was less eager to keep climbing the mountain. We had just about reached our turn-around point by then, so she wasn't too put out.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Clover were our sniffing scouts on today's walk around Wonderland Lake. Once either of them found a spot to explore, Taco would follow up and then linger to give things a thorough investigation. Carl made a lot of quick stops to leave marks along the way. Milo and Buddy were less scent-driven and just along for the trip. Buddy has been doing far better with his on-leash walking since I started using a harness on him, but he often does get a bit worked up over other dogs we pass.

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