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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl joined for his second pack hike today! He pulled ahead a bit more today. Griff served dutifully as an anchor on Carl's far side, but Carl didn't take heed as well as he had on Tuesday. The pack were again split on where they wanted to sniff, as we made our way along the Baseline Trail at the beginning of our hike; Racer and Sputnik were interested in one side, while Griff and Carl wanted to investigate the other side. It was really Griff who was finding the spots to sniff on the other side, and Carl was just following his lead.

Variety Pack

Curie joined Mamacita, Avo, Riley, and Zoey for our walk on the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. As we were making our way, we had a surprise encounter with Dylan! He happily came right up into the middle of the pack to say hello. I watched Riley closely, since she can be touchy about greeting dogs and she doesn't know Dylan as well as some pack members; but she kept calm the whole time Dylan sniffed his hellos. Avo was in a remarkably docile mood today. She walked right in place, didn't think about barking at any dogs we passed, and didn't even flop down in dramatic fashion to take a break from the walk. Even when Riley lunged at a dog who was jogging by, Avo kept her cool and didn't react. Mamacita and Curie refused water from the Camelbak and treats throughout the walk, while Zoey, Riley, and Avo were all happy to partake.