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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

Arlo and Griff took turns leaving their marks at points of interest along the trail. One time, Arlo sniffed and peed first, then Griff immediately followed up behind him, and then Arlo circled back for round two after Griff. Imogene and Griff didn't wander very far during their time off leash together, although Imogene did lag behind at one point and we back tracked a bit to round her up. Racer walked very nicely on leash, while Arlo pulled ahead a bit. I remember when Racer used to pull like mad and Griff helped me out by boxing her in at my side; now she's usually a very good on-leash walker, and provided a nice example for Arlo.

Variety Pack

Monkey joined for her second-ever full pack walk today. She trotted alongside her big brother Taco. Taco would have fit right in with Griff and Arlo this morning, as he pulled off to the side a lot to sniff and leave his mark. Monkey has some practicing to do with regard to loose-leash walking. She didn't try to wildly run to things but she consistently pulled ahead, although with repeated reminders she started showing a bit of improvement by the end of the walk. Buddy kept shouldering down into the grass to wiggle around, which would often entice Monkey into pouncing at him. Carl lingered at the back of the pack with Zoey for a lot of the walk rather than pulling ahead like he typically does. Zoey was moving a bit slower today than yesterday but she maintained a pretty steady pace. Of course, she made sure we pulled over to check out the boulder mile marker by the basketball courts along Bear Creek Greenway.


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