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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Griff and Racer had a good time at Shanahan Ridge today. At one point, Dylan outraced Griff on a sprint down the trail as I navigated an icy stretch with Racer beside me. A little later, something in the distance caught Griff's attention and he wandered off through a field beside the trail with his nose in the air. He stood at a distance for a good, long while before responding to my calling and running back over to the rest of us. Dylan and Racer showed no interest in whatever Griff was concerned about.

Variety Pack

Petie and Carl headed to the windy Valmont Dog Park for a fun afternoon. Carl was busy chasing tennis balls that I kicked or threw around the park for him. Petie roamed around and showed more interest than Carl in greeting the other dogs at the park. There were a few other Shepherds and several other dogs when we arrived, but the number of dogs dwindled during our time there.


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