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Tuesday Pack Activities (2/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer and Griff stopped to say hello to the 19-year-old dog the pack helped find a few weeks ago, who had again wandered pretty far from her family. We hung out with her for a couple minutes until her people caught up to her. They had several other dogs with them, who all made friendly greetings with Griff and Racer.

Variety Pack

There were a lot of Retrievers (Lab and Golden), Doodles, and mutts at the park today. Petie, Zoey and Carl all mingled with the others. Petie was a bit interested in a young Golden Retriever who was too busy romping around with a young Cattle Dog. He also followed one of the golden-coated Doodles around here and there. Zoey played fetch alongside another dog. The other dog was faster than her, but alternately held back and let Zoey go after the ball. Carl chased tennis balls that I kicked around the park for him, but he didn't try to compete with the big dogs.


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