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Tuesday Pack Activities (2/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff, Racer and Lou didn't do nearly as much sniffing today as the pack did yesterday on the same trail. Instead, we trotted along at a pretty steady pace throughout. We saw some dogs and people in the distance here and there, but didn't pass by anyone. It was nice to have blue skies after the overcast weather of yesterday.

Variety Pack

Petie, Zoey and Carl walked the perimeter of the Valmont Dog Park with me a few times during our visit. The rest of the time, they milled around among other dogs and played a bit. Carl was happy to chase tennis balls without competition, until Zoey took notice and joined in for fetch. Petie was drawn to Husky mixes and other shepherds, as usual. He also took an interest in a young, little Corgi. The Corgi was a bit shy, but did go on a couple short runs with Petie in pursuit. I accidentally left my phone behind when we went to the park, so no park photos today.


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