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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer tramped through the deeper snow beside the trail, while her packmates mostly preferred to stick to the beaten path. She and Lou sniffed around together while Griff and Sputnik roamed off leash. Griff only ventured off-trail when he was excited about greeting a couple other dogs, and he raced through the snow to see if they would chase him. Unfortunately for him, they had been called back and were being put on leash as he was trying to tempt them into the chase. Sputnik minded his manners especially well today, even when a pair of dogs were whining and barking at us as we passed by.

Variety Pack

Jen accompanied me and the pack around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Zoey, Blu, Rey, and Avo were all drawn to sniffing a particular evergreen bush on our way, while Gidget stood up on her hind legs to lick Mamacita's face. We pulled off to the side of the trail to let other dogs pass by several times on our way around the pond, and everyone sat politely. Rey and Avo sometimes got playful with each other when they were waiting off the trail, but they responded very quickly whenever I interrupted and asked them to sit. As quickly as they reacted to me, Zoey was often the first one to sit even when she wasn't the one I was giving direction to.


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