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Thursday Pack Activities (5/11/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff politely tolerated Tucker sniffing his ears when the pack was roaming through the wet grass at the Chautauqua. Racer was deeply involved in the investigation of the grass, but mostly kept her head up through the latter part of the hike. Button's coat served as a pretty effective mop for the muddy puddles and debris we encountered. The dogs didn't really seem bothered by the rain, which thankfully lightened up a bit during our excursion.

Variety Pack

Carl was definitely a bit more put out by the rain than his packmates or today's Adventure Pack members, but he was still enthusiastic about sniffing and marking everything he could along the way around Wonderland Lake. Clover, Taco and Zoey each led a few treks into the wet grass beside the path, but mostly stayed focused on moving along. Clover seemed to be in an especially happy mood and had no trouble with keeping her pace up today.


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