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Tuesday Pack Activities (5/2/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff, Racer and Imogene were interested in sniffing around the drainage culverts that pass periodically along the Chautauqua Trail. On our way up, we encountered a playful, young Old English Sheepdog with whom Imogene had a blast hopping, dodging and wrestling around. Griff went over and made a few moves as well. Racer just caught a quick sniff as we walked by on the trail. Imogene continued to be in a bouncy, playful mood throughout the hike.

Variety Pack

The pack saw several Australian Shepherds at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Carl had to race one named Maple for the tennis ball he was fetching. Maple beat Carl to it whenever she was focused on it, but then she would drop the ball on her way back, allowing Carl to snatch it up and return it to me. Zoey fetched her own ball on the few occasions when she was willing to momentarily part with it. She also did her best to endear herself to humans at the park, and I think she was pretty successful. Petie followed around some of the dogs we saw, and he had some brief, playful encounters with them.

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