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Tuesday Pack Activities (6/13/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff and Imogene scouted ahead of Racer, Ruffers and me on our way up Gregory Canyon. They both had carefree bounces in their gate, and Imogene was especially playful in her frolicking. Ruffers stopped in place early on in the hike again, so I kept her on leash to be sure that she wouldn't bolt if there was a thunderclap. Racer was happy hiking along at my side as she always does. After some initial sniffing in the grass along the Baseline Trail, she didn't pull on the leash. We didn't have a big storm like yesterday but the steady, light sprinkle of rain still managed to soak the dogs' coats pretty well by the end of the hike.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Carl were happy to splash around in the puddles at Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey occasionally beat Carl to the tennis ball he was fetching. Then, she would often wander into a big puddle near the center of the park and Carl would jump at her to try to convince her to drop the ball for him. Sometimes this worked, other times Zoey kept hold of the ball for a while as she sniffed hello with other dogs and got pets from humans who didn't mind getting wet.


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