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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl actually lingered behind quite a bit on the trails today, as he was busy sniffing around in the wet blades of grass in the meadow at the Chautauqua. Griff still led the way as usual. Even though it was cool and cloudy, and we took an easy pace, Sputnik and Racer were happy to drink water whenever I offered it.

Variety Pack

Milo and Petie had some fun running around with the other dogs at the Valmont Dog Park today. Milo especially enjoyed a big Husky mix. Petie was pretty excited about dodging around with an Old English Sheepdog. That dog stirred up a whole pack of followers, and Milo joined in for some of those chases as well. Mamacita didn't get involved with any of the play. She just slowly followed me as I walked around the park, and she moseyed over to nearby dogs to sniff hello with them.


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