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Wednesday Pack Activities (10/5/2022)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan brought up the rear as we headed up the Bluebell-Baird Trail at the Chautauqua this morning. The Chautauqua Trail was closed for the day as invasive plant species are being dealt with, so we passed through the Bear Advisory area. Everyone stayed on leash until we were most of the way up the mountain, and then Ruffers and Dylan got to roam around. They brought up the rear as they took their time sniffing along the edges of the trail. A little while later, Griff and Avo got to run around together. At one point, something in the distance caught their attentions. They stood alert, tuning into something I couldn't detect, until they eventually turned around and joined back up with the rest of us.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Imogene, Archie and Rey headed to the Boulder Creek Path for their afternoon pack walk. Everyone was eager to get to the first tree as we approached Eben G. Fine Park. After a good sniff, we continued on, with a number of other stops along the way. Carl always left a scent mark; Imogene and Archie never did; Zoey and Rey did a couple times. At one point, Archie tried to turn the walk into a play session by hopping around in front of Imogene and tackling Rey. His packmates briefly lost their composures, but then rebuffed the out-of-place invitation when I reminded them it was time for walking and not rough-housing.


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