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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was extra excited on our hike today. He rolled in the snow many times, and even went on a couple sprints up the trail. He and Avo both chewed up some pieces of bark that they found in the snow. Milo and Ruffers enjoyed their time off leash afterward. They wandered around in the snowy fields together and did a bit of playful romping.

Variety Pack

The pack was pretty wired this afternoon. Archie, Rey, Milo, Zoey, Carl and Imogene were all chasing and wrestling around with each other at the house before we headed out for our walk along the Boulder Creek Path. On the walk, Archie and Carl had a hard time keeping in formation as they kept straying off into the snow beside the path. The path was mostly empty but we did pass a few dogs along the way. The pack apparently didn't like one in particular because they got worked up barking and pulling when they went by. Zoey stayed calm and I think Carl only let out a few little barks; Milo, Archie, Rey and Imogene all lost composure and it took a long moment to eventually calm them down after the other dog (who had also been barking back) moved along. In the car, after the walk, Archie and Rey wrestled around with each other at the far back while their packmates crowded right behind the front seats to leave them some space.


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