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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan got a little bit of swimming in at Boulder Creek when he found a pocket of water deep enough, just off the bank. Bear and Avo scrambled around on the boulders that were shallowly covered by the water. Ruffers decided to stay dry. Everyone enjoyed hiking up the Anemone Trail with frequent stops in the shade. Dylan decided to stay on trail during our descent rather than take shortcuts between the switchbacks like he did Monday. Avo crawled off the side of the trail at one point to flop into the tall grass. The rest of the pack was fine hanging out in the shade on the trail until Avo was ready to get back up and move on after being squirted with some water.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Lumi, Buddy, Milo and Griff all had a blast at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Milo and Lumi both made heavy use of the kiddie pool. Alfie alternated between lying on the cool, damp, shaded concrete with a water bowl and going on big runs with various other dogs chasing after him. Buddy was always game to run after Alfie. Lumi also joined in for some rounds of chasing. Griff followed me closely as we walked around the park. He was very interested in one dog in particular but was a bit pushy in his approach so I had to keep calling him off from trying to mount her. He eventually got the idea and stopped trying. Later on in our visit, Milo started poking at Alfie and the two of them made playful dodges with each other until Alfie went for another big run with several dogs in pursuit. When Buddy wasn't chasing Alfie, he was hanging out with another group of dogs who were mostly focused on fetch.


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