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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers sniffed around off leash together for a while at the beginning of our outing at the CU South trails. The mud was extra sticky today, and gathered up in big, smushed clumps on both paw and shoe alike, which made for a trudging pace until we reached the gravel-coated trail at the far end of the loop. Our new Vizsla friend was not on the trail today. Instead, a new dog ran up to Sputnik and I around the same point in the trail where we have been encountering her. Sputnik growled at the dog's direct approach, and that unfortunately set the other dog off barking and snapping at us in a manner similar to - but not quite as aggressive as - the dog who set on us at Shanahan Ridge some weeks ago, when I had Racer, Griff, and Sputnik. Sputnik was a little more ornery about dogs passing close by us after that. Ruffers, on the other hand, made quick friends with a couple other Australian Shepherds, and spent a little while bowing, spinning, dodging, and darting around with them before catching up with Sputnik and I, who continued making slow progress on the trail ahead.

Variety Pack

Imogene was kind of all over the place today, unable to pick where to direct her attention. She bounced around between making playful moves with Rey, sniffing Zoey, sniffing alongside the path, and looking around at the various people and animals along the way - hardly ever keeping focus on one thing for more than about 2 seconds. Rey and Zoey were rather focused on sniffing around. Geese have been all over Boulder Creek, and their droppings speckle the fields along the path. I kept hoping to find a clearing where I could let the pack sniff around for a bit; but, every time we stopped, I quickly realized the dogs were just drawn to the goose poop that was practically everywhere. The only haven we found, where I could let the dogs sniff without fear of them gobbling up goose droppings, was at Eben G. Fine Park.

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