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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Ruffers, and Sputnik all had a lot of sniffing to do today. We really took our time along the trail, as the pack kept stopping and checking out various rocks, trees, and tufts of grass with the care of a forensics team. Funnily enough, the one rock that caught my attention - one that was decorated to look like a happy man with a mustache and goatee - was just about the only boulder they didn't bother to check out. Go figure. I kept us on a steadier pace for the return leg of our hike, and took a shorter circuit back to make up the time.

Variety Pack

Rey indulged in making play moves with Imogene at the beginning of our walk at Bear Creek Path. She often likes to act like she is above Imogene's puppy behavior when walking with the pack, but she couldn't help herself today. Imogene was happy that her friend hopped around with her for a bit until the walking got underway and I used a combination of treats and shorter leash lengths to get them on track and in sync. Zoey kept out of the play today. Even when we stopped at the field where the dogs often find branches, Zoey sat by while Rey and Imogene sniffed around and chewed on some twigs.

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