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Wednesday Pack Activities (4/5/2023)

Adventure Pack

There was fresh snow on the trails for Bear to rub his face his and for Dylan to wiggle around on his back in. Ruffers joined the party and rolled onto her back for a wiggle in the snow as well. Avo was too busy running all over the place to stop and roll in the snow. We headed through the Mesa to the mountainside trail where there were beautiful views of the snow-covered alpine terrain. Everyone in the pack was pleasant with the dogs we passed today, and they stopped to sniff hello with a couple of them.

Variety Pack

Archie and Rey played a lot of chase with each other at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Archie kept the activity rolling by running along with Imogene while she fetched the tennis ball I threw for her. He also joined in some group runs with a pack of other dogs. Sometimes he was racing for the tennis ball they were all after, but sometimes he just saw the other dogs moving in a direction together and he decided to join the party. Rey found a couple other dogs playful whom she chased, but she stuck to one-on-ones instead of the big group runs. Imogene was completely fixated on her tennis ball, as usual; and on the game of insisting that I throw it for her while also not letting me take it.


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