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Wednesday Pack Activities (5/1/2024)

Adventure Pack

A herd of deer was grazing beside Bluebell Road as we made our way up the mountain this morning. Lucy was transfixed by the deer. Ruffers, Dylan, and Bear all watched them for a bit as well, but were less intently focused. Bear and Dylan eventually turned their backs to them while Lucy and Ruffers continued to watch as I snapped a photo. Lucy sat politely in place to observe, but resisted when I started to get us moving again. The rest of the hike was quiet and pleasant, with a few comments from passing hikers about how well-behaved the pack was.

Variety Pack

Buddy was the only one trying to stir up trouble in our afternoon walk, with Archie sitting out for the day. Griff, Alfie, Lou, Lumi, and Milo all ignored Buddy when he started jumping around amidst them, and Buddy pretty quickly returned to walking in place normally. It was breezy and rain clouds gathered overhead, but we kept dry the whole time. There was a rabbit among the prairie dogs beside Goose Creek Greenway, and that really got Alfie's attention. Griff, Milo, and Buddy watched the rabbit as well, but didn't pull like Alfie did. There were some interesting spots to sniff, and keeping leashes untangled was a challenge as everyone milled around and left their marks.


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