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Thursday Pack Activities (6/1/2023)

Adventure Pack

Tucker decided to venture into the stream when we made our stop there today, along with Button, Griff and Racer. The cloud cover and cool breeze helped keep the pack from getting too hot. Button and Racer both drank a little water from the Camelbak, but Tucker and Griff weren't interested. Tucker would snatch a stick up from the trail every now and then, and chew it up into pieces. Griff stuck close to the pack even when he was off leash. There were some rumbles of thunder in the distance but we didn't get rained on.

Variety Pack

Dylan, Zoey, Carl and Clover walked to Wonderland Lake at a leisurely pace, making frequent stops to sniff around in the tall grass. Carl made sure to lift his leg at every spot that had drawn his packmates' interests, and many other spots as well. The others did more sniffing and less marking. No deer encounters today, but we did see a somewhat large bird airing out its wings at the edge of Wonderland Lake. The dogs didn't react to it at all. They might not have seen it down the hill through the brush.


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