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Wednesday Pack Activities (6/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan really made the most of our time at the stream before we headed up Gregory Canyon. He found a nice, deep spot to lie down in and just let the water flow around him while Avo climbed around the rocks and Bear waded through the shallows. Avo and Bear followed their established routine of chasing each other down the branch trails and back. Avo has been trying to convince me to take the pack up the Crown Rock Trail on our way back down from Gregory Canyon. We had extra time today, so I finally obliged. She was happily surprised to see me and Dylan follow her up that way, and she ran ahead while Bear doubled back from the other fork and then chased after her.

Variety Pack

Buddy and Archie couldn't get enough of wrestling and chasing each other. It started at the house and then continued throughout our visit to the Valmont Dog Park. There were a pair of dogs about Buddy's size who joined in running around with him and Archie. Archie's attitude was the more the merrier, but Buddy got a little overwhelmed by having so many pursuers and he came to my side a few times to get a break. Alfie joined in with them now and then, and also found various other dogs with whom he enjoyed making playful moves and dodges, including an Australian Shepherd, a Golden Retriever and others. Later, Buddy befriended a miniature doodle of some sort, whom he found to be more his speed. Alfie wandered off on his own a lot of the time, not paying particular attention to where the rest of the pack was, while Archie and Buddy stuck pretty close to each other and to me the whole time.


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