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Wednesday Pack Activities (6/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Buddy kept out of the water while Avo was eager to catch up to Dylan and Bear who rushed ahead off-leash to hop into the stream at the base of the Saddle Rock Trail. The air was hot and muggy, so I didn't push the pace as we headed partway up Gregory Canyon. When we got back to Chautauqua Park at the end of the hike, the dogs all took turns rolling around in the grass. Buddy and Bear got playful with each other but didn't go too wild.

Variety Pack

We had a new member in the pack today - Lumi! Lumi is an extremely sweet and well-mannered 19-month-old Golden Retriever whom the pack was happy to greet. Dylan and Bear - who were still with us from the Adventure Pack - hopped out of the packmobile to sniff hello first. Despite being our resident grumpy old man, Dylan didn't grumble at all when meeting Lumi. Lumi's packmates Buddy, Archie and Alfie all got along nicely with him as well. Buddy and Archie were a bit distracted with each other. They wrestled around at the house before the walk. I kept them on opposite sides of me during the walk to keep them from getting into it, but they still snuck over to each other from time to time and tried to get tangled up together. Meanwhile, Lumi and Alfie walked wonderfully. Lumi was a bit wary of drinking from the Camelbak but accepted some water when I cradled his head, and then later drank while lying in the grass. Alfie couldn't be convinced to drink from the spout, but maybe he will come around with time. Archie and Buddy were both eager to get some water to help cool themselves down in between attempts to tackle one another.

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