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Wednesday Pack Activities

Variety Pack

We skipped today's Adventure Pack hike due to the windy conditions, but Ruffers and Dylan joined up with Carl, Zoey, Rey, and Imogene for a walk at Foothills Park and Wonderland Lake this afternoon. North Boulder didn't have nearly as much wind as other areas, and by the afternoon it was only a bit breezy. Zoey and Carl walked with Jen, while the rest of the pack was with me. The trail was close to empty, with only a few joggers who passed by us here and there. Zoey and Carl were especially fluffy, having just visited the groomer this morning. Carl and Dylan marked fence posts and bushes along the walk, with each always wanting to follow up behind the other. Imogene and Rey got pretty playful with each other toward the end of the walk, and Ruffers tried to move in on the action by mounting Imogene. It was a pretty typical autumn afternoon by Wonderland Lake, despite the windy conditions that plagued nearby areas today.


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