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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik returned to the pack for the first time after his long treatment of radiation therapy, and he was right back into hiking without skipping a beat. In fact, Dylan and Ruffers were the ones who kept stopping to sniff around, especially at the beginning of the hike. Dylan started off with a roll in the grass at Chautauqua Park. Sputnik was ready to get moving, while Dylan and Ruffers kept pulling over to boulders and tree trunks that needed sniffing and/or marking. We started out by just hiking the meadow, but since Sputnik was doing so well, we headed partway up the mountain for the latter half of the hike.

Variety Pack

Rey and Lou both wanted to lie in my lap at the house before our walk this afternoon, so they did their best, with Lou ending up half on top of Rey while Zoey looked on jealously from the floor in front of the sofa. After a cuddle, the pack headed out to the Bear Creek Greenway. Carl and Lou both stopped to sniff at a lot of points along the way. Carl also enjoyed pouncing on some leaves that blew across the path whenever a breeze picked up. Blu and Carl had their noses glued to the ground when we stopped in the field by the basketball courts. Rey, Zoey, and Imogene chewed on some twigs. Meanwhile, Gidget and Ruffers went for a shorter walk to Wonderland Lake with Jen, since Gidget doesn't like car rides and Ruffers had already been out for a pack hike in the morning.

I have very sad news about our pack member, Lizzo, who was a regular member of the Wednesday Variety Pack. She passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at her home yesterday. She was such a vibrant presence in the pack throughout this past year. We loved her, and she will be missed by all of her friends.

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