Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We spent a little time poking our way through the Chautauqua Park this morning before we got to the trail head. Dylan led the way to and from the Mesa Trail, once he and Ruffers went off leash. The pack got to sniff hello with several friendly dogs today. There are some streams that run across the path on the way up to Enchanted Mesa. Oddly, a couple branches have been frozen solid while one right next to them is water. Racer and Ruffers have both tried to drink from that stream lately. I have been calling them off of it because the water is kind of dammed up and stagnant. Today, neither of them went for it.

Variety Pack

Lizzo's absence was felt as I brought her regular packmates to the Goose Creek Greenway at Valmont City Park - a path we had walked with her a number of times. Imogene has typically been pretty mellow on pack walks, but she broke up the walk at one point to play with Carl in the same kind of dart-in-and-out style that Lizzo used to. Rey was pretty stubborn about wanting to pull over and sniff around in the brush beside the path, and Lou joined in with that effort at a couple points. Zoey was faithful in keeping pace without distraction. The Goose Creek Path was only added to our regular circuit in the past year, and it seems Zoey has not yet figured out where the best news is posted.