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Wednesday Pack Activities (8/24/2022)

Adventure Pack

Avo was eager to get out on the trails this morning, and whined at me for taking too long after I parked at The Peoples' Connection. Dylan beat her into the Silver Lake Ditch, where they both went for a soak while Sputnik and I hung out on the bank. We spent more time weaving through the Red Rocks Spurs today, and then stopped again at the ditch on our way down. Sputnik joined Dylan and Avo in the water on the return leg.

Variety Pack

Zoey was a little easier to rouse from her nap than usual when I picked her and Carl up this afternoon, but it still took a moment for her to get up. Archie was thrilled to be reunited with Rey, who was also excited to run around at the house a bit with her greatest admirer. Zoey joined in the fray and Carl started announcing the play-by-play, so I eventually had to step in and have everyone settle down. Imogene just wanted to snuggle while her packmates got rowdy. Archie's interest in Rey bubbled up now and then throughout the walk, as he would turn to her and try to mount her. Aside from those diversions, he did a good job of walking on pace with his packmates, who were all doing a great job of staying in formation.


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