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Wednesday Pack Activities (8/9/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack was being good as we passed the first dog we saw during our outing but when that dog was given some leash and lunged in our direction, everybody barked. We had a few other dog encounters that were more pleasant after that. While we were at the top of Red Rocks Trail, Bear and Avo said hello to a group of OSMP volunteer workers who were lounging in the shade and enjoying their lunch. They all got a laugh at how Bear moved in and drew everyone's attention as Avo snuck up from the other side to try to poke around in a lunch box, like it was all a planned lunch-thieving tactic. Had Dylan not been on leash with me, I'm sure their three-pronged advance would have been unstoppable.

Variety Pack

Buddy, Archie and Lumi had fun wrestling at the house, as usual. Lumi took a brief break to cool off on the kitchen tile, but drew the others back to him by groaning for their attention. The pups all minded their manners with each other for most of our walk along Boulder Creek Path, except for a momentary lapse when Archie and Buddy started jumping at each other when we turned around to start heading back. Lumi and Buddy were great about letting other dogs walk by without making a fuss; Archie is still struggling to keep a lid on his enthusiasm.

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