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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Ruffers, and Avo took their time sniffing along the edge of the trail on our way up the mountain today. We passed a field that was absolutely full of caterpillar cocoons Avo trotted off to explore that field a bit, but she didn't have the energy to do the kinds of sprints she was doing a couple weeks ago. Dylan and Ruffers stuck to the beaten path for the entire hike.

Variety Pack

The pack started off their walk with a dip in Boulder Creek. Zoey, Carl, and Rey all hopped right in. Imogene danced around at the water's edge and decided to stay on dry land next to me. Zoey was back to making her usual stops during our walk, and she added a few new stops as well. The family of geese was right next to the path when we walked by today, and one goose started to advance on us, hissing, with its head down. The dogs didn't react to that, but Rey and Imogene both got worked up about the next goose we walked by right afterwards.

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