Wednesday, April 12th

Adventure Pack

Colby was relatively relaxed for most of our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. She got a little jumpy when a baby with some hikers we passed started crying. She kept turning to look over her shoulder but once we got some distance ahead she settled down and fell back into a comfortable rhythm with the rest of the pack. A couple little dogs came up and sniffed hellos with Mamacita, Coco, Colby, and Sputnik. After everyone had a sniff, I noticed a snarl start to form on Sputnik's lip so I laid my hand over his muzzle, and that was enough to calm him. Colby again drank water from the CamelBak spout without hesitation after licking her lips while watching Sputnik and Coco slake their thirsts. Mamacita drinks from the CamelBak when she really needs it, but otherwise she turns her nose up at it. Today was one of those days when she felt she could do without.

Variety Pack

The Foothills Dog Park was empty when we first arrived, save for the worker who was there to turn the water spigot back on for the season. After our first lap around the perimeter, some other dogs started showing up. Thompson went right over to the gate to greet each new entry, and Ruffers wasn't far behind. After a good sniff, Thompson was satisfied; but Ruffers followed her new friends around a bit. Coco and Mamacita waited for the other dogs to come to them. Coco enjoyed playing some fetch without the competition from Isaac. The first time I made a long throw, she didn't bother chasing after it - out of habit of the expectation that Isaac would get there first. But after I encouraged her to go get it and she realized no one else was going to, she started running down the longer throws without hesitation.