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Wednesday, April 19th

Adventure Pack

We encountered a very shy dog on the Mesa Trail this morning who hung back as the pack approached, then quickly darted by as we came near. The sudden burst made the pack jump and then growl for a brief moment as they didn't know what the other dog intended. But when the dog ran off, the pack quickly settled down. We saw the same dog on our way back. That time, the dog slinked off the side of the trail and ran through the brush to avoid any chance of confrontation, and the pack didn't give a second look. Mamacita and Coco both had fun wiggling around on their backs in the grass. Once back in the packmobile, Sputnik bathed Colby's ears with licks - much as Rucksack has often done with Mamacita - sending her home soaked with slobber.

Variety Pack

When we first arrived at the park today, Ruffers, Mamacita, and Coco all chased each other around a bit. Then we met a couple German Shepherds who were mostly interested in each other but sniffed hello with the pack. After that, a playful mutt showed up and got Ruffers, Coco, Thompson, and Mamacita all to play with him in turn. Ruffers was the most enthusiastic about their new playmate and kept bowing and leaping around in front of him until he chased her. Coco and Thompson both made some attempts to mount the young male. Mamacita followed him around a bit and made a few playful moves, as well. After that, the pack came upon a pair of small dogs. Thompson got lots of love from their humans. Ruffers had some fun wrestling around with one of the little ones who was named Scout. Meanwhile, Coco wiggled around in the dirt by me and Mamacita just hung out.

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