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Monday, April 24th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita created a cute photo op on the trails this morning when she ducked under Rucksack's tummy while we were pulled over to the side of the trail to let some other hikers pass. After I snapped a photo of her, she walked all the way underneath her taller packmate. Rucksack was mostly unperturbed by her intrusion, until she started to lift his back legs off the ground, at which point he scrambled over her. Sputnik and Coco were on their best behavior as we encountered many dogs today. Even when some of the other dogs we saw were riled up and pulling at their leashes, the pack stayed calm and disinterested in any shenanigans.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Colby, and Coco all hopped right into the Creek when we made a stop by the water during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Coco and Colby were both in and out pretty quick but Thompson lingered for a while to get a good soak in before climbing back onto dry land. Stella and Mamacita stayed on the bank with me while their packmates splashed around. The pack made frequent stops along the way today and took their time sniffing around. Stella left her mark numerous times, while her packmates were generally content just to explore the scents and didn't leave many of their own.

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