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Tuesday, April 25th

Adventure Pack

Coco and Sputnik had a pleasant hike at the Chautauqua this morning. Coco started things off by wiggling around in the tall grass at the trailhead while Sputnik put his nose to work. We came across several other dogs along the trails. We gave them enough space to avoid getting too worked up and everyone passed nicely.

Variety Pack

Isaac was especially wired this afternoon. He raced after tennis balls and had little patience with the tag-a-longs who shadowed him. When he got hot, he plunged his paws into water bowls and buckets without hesitation. Meanwhile, Thompson was on the move more than usual today. He spent more time roaming than he spent hanging out by the people at the center of the park. Ruffers and Coco followed me around and wiggled in the grass a bit. Coco chased some tennis balls down but Ruffers was mostly just interested in coming up to me and snuggling whenever I crouched down to dog level. Near the end of our visit, Coco and Ruffers wrestled around a bit together. Isaac joined in some big chases with half a dozen other dogs who were running after an exuberant German Shorthaired Pointer. Ruffers made a couple moves when the chase came near her but she didn't put a lot into keeping up.