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Monday, May 15th

Adventure Pack

Coco, Rucksack, and Mamacita all enjoyed some time splashing around in the water as we headed up the Royal Arch this morning. Rucksack was the most enthusiastic about it and lingered the longest as the rest of us continued to head up the trail. On our way back, Coco brought up the rear instead of forging ahead as she usually does.

Variety Pack

Stella, Colby, Cooper, Thompson, and Coco all had a pleasant walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Cooper and Thompson both made frequent stops to sniff around and leave their marks early on in the walk but settled into pace with the pack after a while. We continued on without interruption until heading down to the Creek for the dogs to take a dip. Everyone got in and Thompson stayed in for as long as he could, getting a good soak.

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