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Thursday, May 18th

Adventure Pack

The snow was falling in big flakes as Cooper, Griff, Sputnik, and Coco set out for our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. There were only a few other people and no other dogs out that we saw, but the pack didn't seem to mind the weather at all. Sputnik leaped around playfully as we walked. Coco waded through the snow along the side of the trail. Griff buried his nose in the snow to sniff at the ground beneath. Cooper trotted along without paying much attention to the snow.

Variety Pack

Sanaya is back from California for the time being and rejoined her packmates this afternoon! The precipitation had changed to a mixture of rain and small snowflakes by the time we headed to the park, but the pack still didn't seem to mind it much. Isaac even felt the need to dive into a big puddle of cold water a couple times, and Sanaya followed him in the second time. Ruffers made some playful moves with Sanaya. The two of them and Isaac ran together a bit while Thompson took his time walking around the park. Sanaya found a tennis ball amidst the snow, and then she and Isaac took turns playing fetch.

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