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Friday, May 19th

Adventure Pack

The trails were blanketed with a dense layer of snow from yesterday's storm, and the dogs loved it! Rucksack and Coco chased each other through the snow while Sputnik and Mamacita dodged and leaped around in it. The trails were still almost as empty as yesterday. It was a little tough slogging through the wet, heavy snow so we didn't make it as far up the trail as usual, but the pack was so active that they may have gotten even more of a workout.

Variety Pack

The dogs were just as excited to get out in the snow this afternoon. Colby and Ruffers ran around together quite a bit. Coco joined in with them on and off but spent more of her time sniffing around. The water was flowing high in the ditches at the CU South Campus trails, and we came to a crossing at one point that had only one narrow, wooden board spanning the ditch. Thompson was happy to forego the makeshift bridge and wade through the water instead. Isaac was equally content to dive right in. Stella followed behind me as I walked the plank, opting to stay (relatively) dry. Colby, Coco, and Ruffers hopped through the water - perhaps not as gung-ho as Thompson and Isaac, but not really bothered by the bath, either.

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