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Wednesday, May 31st

Adventure Pack

The trails were the busiest I've seen them all season! Lots and lots of people were out, but not quite as many dogs as we saw yesterday. Colby got a little skittish now and then, but was mostly okay with the people we passed. Whenever she did get nervous, she would just hop over to the side of the trail. Everyone was happy to take a couple breaks in the shade for some water. Coco and Mamacita both enjoyed wiggling around in the tall grass beside the trail. Coco got so into it that she wiggled her way about 10 feet down a hill.

Variety Pack

Coco's urge to wiggle continued into the afternoon when she indulged at the dog park and drew the attention of a playmate who subsequently ran around with her for a bit. Stella and Thompson took their time as they made their way around the park for the first lap. After that, Thompson hung out by the entrance where some humans were happy to give him attention while Stella made another leisurely lap around the park. Sanaya mostly kept occupied with fetch, which Coco joined in for as well.

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